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Low genetic diversity and intrapopulation spatial genetic structure of the Atlantic Forest tree, Esenbeckia leiocarpa Engl. (Rutaceae)
G. Forti, E.V. Tambarussi, P.Y. Kageyama, M.A. Moreno, E.M. Ferraz, B. Ibañes, R. Vencovsky, G.M. Mori, A.M. Sebbenn
PDF Volume 57, Issue 2
Mapping forest aboveground biomass with a simulated ICESat-2 vegetation canopy product and Landsat data
Lana Landra Narine, Sorin Popescu, Tan Zhou, Shruthi Srinivasan, Kaitlin Harbeck
PDF Volume 62, Issue 1
Mapping the value of ecosystem services: A case study from the Austrian Alps
Alessandro Paletto, Clemens Geitner, Gianluca Grilli, Richard Hastik, Fabio Pastorella, Laura Rodrìguez Garcìa
PDF Volume 58, Issue 1
Mapping trends of large and medium size carnivores of conservation interest in Romania
Constantin Cazacu, Mihai Cristian Adamescu, Ovidiu Ionescu, Georgeta Ionescu, Ramon Jurj, Marius Popa, Roxana Cazacu, Ancuta Cotovelea
PDF Volume 57, Issue 1
Metabolites change in Jatropha plants due to seed treatment with rhizobacteria and Rhizoctonia bataticola
Surender Kumar, Sushil Sharma
PDF Volume 56, Issue 2
Micropropagation of an endangered species Pinus armandii var. Amamiana
Katsuaki Ishii, Yoshihisa Hosoi, Emilio Maruyama, Sei-ichi Kanetan
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Modeling distribution of Schinus molle L. in the Brazilian Pampa: insights on vegetation dynamics and conservation of the biome
R.P.M. Lemos, C.B. D’Oliveira, C.R. Rodrigues, L.F.W. Roesch, V.M. Stefenon
PDF Volume 57, Issue 2
Modeling the travel distances of debris flows and debris slides: quantifying hillside morphology
Bogdan Strîmbu
PDF Volume 54, Issue 1
Modelling forage potential for red deer: A case study in post-disturbance young stands of rowan
J. Pajtík, B. Konôpka, M. Bošeľa, V. Šebeň, P. Kaštier
PDF Volume 58, Issue 1
Modelling merchantable volumes for uneven aged maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) stands establi-shed by natural regeneration in the central Portugal
Cristina Alegria
PDF Volume 54, Issue 2
Molecular differentiation of Turkish and Common hazels (Corylus colurna L. and Corylus avellana L.) using multiplexed nuclear microsatellite markers
Barbara Fussi, Darius Kavaliauskas, Muhidin Seho
PDF Volume 62, Issue 2
Molecular mapping of the Pinus monticola Cr2 gene using AFLP and SCAR markers
A.K.M. Ekramoddoullah, J.J. Liu
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Monitoring of soil moisture in Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites of Romanian Carpathians
Lucian Dinca, Ovidiu Badea, Gheorghe Guiman, Cosmin Braga, Vlad Crisan, Victor Greavu, Gabriel Murariu, Lucian Georgescu
PDF Volume 61, Issue 2
Mycorrhizal status of several Quercus species in Romania (Quercus cerris, Q. frainetto, Q. robur) and the optimization perspective of growth conditions for in vitro propagated plants transplanted in the field
Ecaterina Fodor, Adrian Timofte, Teodora Geambașu
PDF Volume 54, Issue 1
Natural volatiles impair the response of Hylobius abietis adults to synthetic attractants in Norway spruce clear cut areas
Mihai Leonard Duduman, Nicolai Olenici, Olivier Bouriaud, Valentina Olenici
PDF Volume 52, Issue 1
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