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Solarization of nursery soil induces production of fruit bodies of mushrooms and enhances growth of tropi-cal forest tree seedlings
R.K. Verma, A.K. Thakur, D. Turkane, P.S. Rajput
PDF Volume 53, Issue 2
Spatial distribution of genetic diversity in populations of Hagenia abyssinica (Bruce) J.F. Gmel from Ethiopia
Taye Bekele Ayele, Oliver Gailing, Reiner Finkeldey
PDF Volume 60, Issue 1
Stable isotope ratios and reforestation potential in Acacia koa populations on Hawai’i
Shaneka Lawson, Carrie Pike
PDF Volume 60, Issue 2
Stakeholder analysis for coppice forestry in Bulgaria
Ivaylo Velichkov, Tzvetan Zlatanov, Georgi Hinkov
PDF Volume 52, Issue 1
Start of reproduction and allozyme heterozygosity in Pinus sibirica under different techniques of artificial forest stand establishment
S.N. Velisevich, E.A. Petrova, M.M. Belokon, D.V. Politov
PDF Volume 51, Issue 1
Structural, evolutionary and phylogenomic features of the plastid genome of Carya illinoinensis cv. Imperial
Jordana Caroline Nagel, Lilian de Oliveira Machado, Rafael Plá Matielo Lemos, Cristiane Barbosa D’Oliveira Matielo, Tales Poletto, Igor Poletto, Valdir Marcos Stefenon
PDF Volume 63, Issue 1
Structural heterogeneity and old-growthness: A first regional-scale assessment of Sardinian forests
Sergio Fantini, Mauro Fois, Paolo Casula, Giuseppe Fenu, Giacomo Calvia, Gianluigi Bacchetta
PDF Vol 63, No 2 (2020): Volume 63, issue 2
Structure and dynamics of the oribatid mite communities (Acari, Oribatida) in some Quercus forests, in relation with the treatments used in the control of defoliating insects
Otilia Ivan
PDF Volume 52, Issue 1
Survival and growth of three endangered oak species in a Mexican montane cloud forest
Ofelia Andrea Valdés-Rodríguez, Yureli García-De La Cruz, Brent R. Frey
PDF Volume 60, Issue 1
Survival and growth responses of Jatropha curcas L. to three restoration techniques on degraded soils in Burkina Faso
François Wenemi Kagambèga, Adjima Thiombiano, Salifou Traoré, Robert Zougmoré, Joseph Issaka Boussim
PDF Volume 54, Issue 2
Sustainable forest management of Natura 2000 sites: a case study from a private forest in the Romanian Southern Carpathians
Helge Walentowski, E.D. Schulze, Marius Teodosiu, O. Bouriaud, A. von Heßberg, H. Bußler, L. Baldauf, I. Schulze, J. Wäldchen, R. Böcker, S. Herzog, W. Schulze
PDF Volume 56, Issue 1
Taper functions and merchantable timber for temperate forests of northern Mexico
José Návar, F. de Jesús Rodríguez-Flores, Pedro A. Domínguez-Calleros
PDF Volume 56, Issue 1
Teak growth, yield- and thinnings’ simulation in volume and biomass in Colombia
Danny A. Torres, Jorge I. del Valle, Guillermo Restrepo
PDF Volume 63, Issue 1
Temporal shifts in floristic and avian diversity in Mediterranean pine forest ecosystems under different fire pressure: The island of Zakynthos as a case study
Konstantinos Poirazidis, Evgenia Chaideftou, Aristotelis Martinis, Vasileios Bontzorlos, Polixeni Galani, Dionissios Kalivas
PDF Volume 61, Issue 1
Temporal stability of growth and yield among Hevea genotypes introduced to a non-traditional rubber growing region of peninsular India
K.K. Vinod, M. Suryakumar, T.R. Chandrasekhar, M.A. Nazeer
PDF Volume 53, Issue 2
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