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The effect of quality attributes in determination of price for plantation-grown Teak (Tectona grandis) logs in Sri Lanka
J.K.P.C. Jayawardhane, P.K.P. Perera, R.S. Lokupitiya, H.S. Amarasekara, N. Ruwanpathirana
PDF Volume 59, Issue 1
The establishment of an in vitro gene bank in Dianthus spiculifolius Schur and D. glacialis ssp. gelidus (Schott Nym. et Kotschy) Tutin: I. The initiation of a tissue collection and the characterization of the cultures in minimal growth conditions
Mihaela Holobiuc, Rodica Blindu, Monica Mitoi, Victoria Cristea
PDF Volume 52, Issue 1
The German Forest Strategy 2020: Target achievement control using National Forest Inventory results
Martin Lorenz, Hermann Englert, Matthias Dieter
PDF Volume 61, Issue 2
The impact of seeds provenance and nursery provenance method on Austrian pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) seedlings quality
Vladan Ivetić, Mirko Škorić
PDF Volume 56, Issue 2
The incidence and distribution of white mistletoe(Viscum albumssp. abietis) on Silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) stands from Eastern Carpathians
Cătălina Barbu
PDF Volume 53, Issue 1
The mycobiota of needles and shoots of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) with symptoms of Herpotrichia needle browning in the Tatra Mts. (Poland)
Wojciech Pusz, Anna Baturo-Cieśniewska, Agata Kaczmarek-Pieńczewska, Tomasz Zwijacz-Kozica, Katarzyna Patejuk
PDF Vol 63, No 2 (2020): Volume 63, issue 2
The Neotropical tree Ilex paraguariensis A. St. Hil. (Aquifoliaceae): pollen and seed dispersal in a fragmented landscape
Carlos Seoane, Vinicius Diaz, Paulo Kageyama, Maria Moreno, Evandro Tambarussi, Ananda Aguiar, Alexandre Sebbenn
PDF Volume 62, Issue 2
The reform of collective forest rights in China and its implementation in the Fushun City Region
S. Jiang, B.J. Lewis, L. Dai, W. Jia, Y. An
PDF Volume 57, Issue 2
The relationship between potential solar radiation and spruce bark beetle catches in pheromone traps
Pavel Mezei, Rastislav Jakuš, Miroslav Blaženec, Slávka Belánová, Ján Šmídt
PDF Volume 55, Issue 2
The tree-species-specific effect of forest bathing on perceived anxiety alleviation of young-adults in urban forests
Haoming Guan, Hongxu Wei, Xingyuan He, Zhibin Ren, Baiyi An
PDF Volume 60, Issue 2
The typology, frequency and magnitude of some behaviour events in case of torrential hydrographical management works in the upper Tarlung watershed
Ioan Clinciu, Ion Cătălin Petriţan, Mihai Daniel Niţă, Nicu Constantin Tudose
PDF Volume 53, Issue 2
The water absorbability of beech (Fagus sylvatica l.) and fir (Abies alba mill.) organic matter in the forest floor
Anna Ilek, Małgorzata Szostek, Jarosław Kucza, Jadwiga Stanek-Tarkowska, Wojciech Witek
PDF Volume 62, Issue 1
Thidiazuron: A potent cytokinin for efficient plant regeneration in Himalayan poplar (Populus ciliata Wall.) using leaf explants
Gaurav Aggarwal, Chhaya Sharma, D.K. Srivastava
PDF Volume 55, Issue 2
Throughfall, stemflow, and rainfall interception in a natural pure forest of chestnut-leaved Oak (Quercus castaneifolia C.A.Mey.) in the Caspian Forest of Iran
Seyed Mahmoud Hosseini Ghaleh Bahmani, Pedram Attarod, Vilma Bayramzadeh, Mohamad Taghi Ahmadi, Atefeh Radmehr
PDF Volume 55, Issue 2
Time consumption and productivity of skidding Silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) round wood in reduced accessibility conditions: a case study in windthrow salvage logging form Romanian Carpathians
Stelian Alexandru Borz, Florin Dinulică, Marcian Bîrda, Gheorghe Ignea, Valentina Doina Ciobanu, Bogdan Popa
PDF Volume 56, Issue 2
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