A stakeholders' analysis of potential sustainable tourism development strategies in Piatra Craiului National Park


  • Adina Nicoleta Candrea Transilvania University of Brașov, 1A Colina Universitãții Str., 500036- Brașov, Romania
  • Laura Bouriaud Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, University Str. 13, 720229- Suceava, Romania




Piatra Craiului, National Park, biodiversity, tourism


Tourism is a major management issue for many protected areas as thepresence and actions of visitors can present serious problems for biodiversity conservation.Therefore, tourism has to be managed carefully and site managers must assess and balance the costs and benefits of tourism in protected areas. It is also important to find ways for local people and communities to benefit from tourism linked to conservation.Using a stakeholder analysis, the article assesses benefits and threats oftourism development in Piatra Craiului National Park. Through a range of interviews with local stakeholders, the article identifies the main challenges that tourism brings to the protected area: ensuring the effective participation of communities in tourism development, effectively managing tourism to prevent it from undermining conservation goals, encouraging all stakeholders, particularly the private sector, to support the conservation of biodiversity and channelling a portion of tourism revenues towards supporting conservation. The ecotourism, as a responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves welfare of local people, is consideredthe best solution for a sustainable tourism development in Piatra CraiuluiNational Park.






Research article