Journal Information

Brief history

Annals of Forest Research is the first periodical publication edited by "Marin Drăcea" National Research-Development Institute in Forestry - Bucharest, Romania. The first volume was published in 1934, one year after ICEF’s establishing (ICEF is the former name of ICAS). Over the 80 years of existence the journal has been issued annually (rarely two volumes annually) with two interruptions: from 1947 to 1950, and from 1988 to 2000.

During 1934-1946, the journal has been published as "Anale". The name has been changed into "Studies and researches" in period 1951-1989, in 2001 the name has returned to "Analele ICAS" and since 2008 was renamed as "Annals of Forest Research".


Current status

Annals of Forest Research has devoted as a reference scientific journal in environment and forest sciences, having a considerable contribution to dissemination, capitalization and assert of scientific results on national and international level. Submission of papers that will have the strongest interest and value to the Journal's international readership is encouraged.


Aim and scope

Annals of Forest Research  is a semestrial open access journal, which publishes research articles, research notes and critical review papers, exclusively in English, on topics dealing with forestry and environmental sciences. The journal promotes high scientific level articles, by following international editorial conventions and by applying a peer-review selection process.

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