Pinus cembra distribution in the Romanian Carpathians


  • I. Blada Forest Research and Management Institute, Bd. Eroilor 128, 077190, Voluntari, Romania



Pinus cembra, natural distribution, digital map, Romanian Carpathians


A map with the distribution of the Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra L.) in Romania was never made. However, long time ago, some poor or confused data collected from the Romanian Carpathians were inserted in a compiled at European level map; but this map do not reflects the species real geographic distribution in the Romanian Carpathians. Consequently, a initiative to build up a not to far from reality map was made. A comprehensive literature and field survey concerning Swiss stone pine natural distribution in Romania was made. Two other sources of information were used, such as: the senior author's direct field survey to localize the species populations and information obtained from people involved in this issue. Based on the acquired data, the species digital distribution map of the Romanian Carpathians, was in premiere made. Because the distribution boundary of the species encompasses a large area, it does not mean that all hachured mountains and valley on the map are fully occupied by species.






Research article