Scientific writing and publishing with IMRaD


  • Marius Teodosiu "Marin Dracea" National Research-Ddevelopment Institute in Forestry



scientific publishing, publish or perish, scientometrics, documentation


The current trend of grading scientists depending on the amount and quality of scientific papers led to a pressure in publishing, which now tends to be reduced by opting for high-quality publications. Experimental research, the largest part of scientific research, is by far best presented in research articles – abbreviated IMRaD – a form of presentation developed in the last 100 years and now almost standardized. Even though writing seems simple to ever scientist, its rules can be learned by practice. It is of utmost importance that a well conducted science is presented in a properly written manuscript, as there are cases when one was delayed in publication due to a bad scientific writing. As with any other type of research papers, IMRaD also requires good knowledge when its main parts are concerned, in structuring its different sections, in using the most suitable language, in conducting the final improvements before submitting to a journal, or in interacting with other scientists during the peer-review process. Authors can follow the basic rules suggested in this paper and have to pay attention to the ethics of scientific writing throughout the development of their manuscript. The final reward, the publication, will be the accompanied by the reader satisfaction, the number of citations and, if it is the case, the mentoring of a young colleague in writing research.


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