Callus formation impedes adventitious rhizogenesis in air layers of broadleaved tree species


  • Sanjay Singh Forest Physiology and Molecular Biology Division, Institute of Forest Productivity, Aranyodaya, NH-23, Lalgutwa, Ranchi- 835303, India
  • S. A. Ansari Institute of Forest Productivity, Aranyodaya, NH-23, Lalgutwa, Ranchi- 835303, India



auxin, callusing, girdling, rooting, thiamine


Callusing and root induction in air layering was evaluated aiming at evolution of procedure for mass clonal propagation of mature ortets of five tropical broadleaf species differing in their potential for adventitious root formation in shoot cuttings as: Anogiessus latifolia < Boswellia serrata < Dalbergia latifolia < Gmelina arborea < Dalbergia sissoo. Two experiments were conducted in rainy season during consecutive years; without application of growth regulators in the first year and with growth regulators (T1 - water, T2- 100 ppm indole-3-acetic acid, T3-100 ppm thiamine-HCl and T4 -combination of T2 + T3) in the next year. Air layered branches were detached from the trees to record percentage of alive airlayers, callusing and rooting (%) as well as root number and root length. Response to air layering was found to be highly variable in five tree species but appeared to be feasible procedure for clonal propagation of mature ortets of B. serrata and D. sissoo with 100% (in auxin + thiamine treatment) and 83.3% (in auxin treatment) success, respectively. Maximum callusing (%) was found in D. latifolia while no callusing was observed in D. sissoo, which is most easy-to-root among all five species. Callus formation impedes adventitious rhizogenesis in air layers as significant negative correlation of callusing (%) and adventitious root formation was recorded in air layers of five tropical broadleaved tree species. Application of exogenous auxin alone or in combination with thiamine circumvents callusing to ensure direct development of roots for successful air layering.


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